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Valle de Pielagos - Criador Golden Retriever - Criador Labrador Retriever
Ers seen by this office for shoulder problems have had left shoulder rotator cuff problems. Also, all of these golfers have a strong pull-through on the left. It is possible that as this group has attempted to equalize the roles played by the right and left arms, they may have overdone the role of the left. Thus, microtrauma and instability ensued…the significance of this is that a right-handed golfer must strengthen the rotator cuff muscles on the left as a preventive measure. " what can i do to prevent a rotator cuff injury? Since unconditioned muscles are weak and inflexible causing them to be more susceptible to injury, performing simple exercises and stretches for the rotator cuff muscles will reduce the likelihood of injury by maintaining the strength and flexibility of these muscles. (a bonus is increased power in the swing! ) here are 3 stretches and 1 exercise for the rotator cuff: for the stretches, go slowly and gently to the point of mild tension. cheap generic viagra viagra for sale cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra from cananda without prescription viagra for sale buy viagra online viagra for sale viagra for sale generic viagra online Hold each stretch for 15 –30 seconds. No bouncing! Perform a stretch for the same length of time on each arm. Stretch after playing golf as well as before. To warm up the rotator cuff before play, perform 20 slow arm circles before stretching. Back cuff stretch – place right hand on left shoulder and left hand on right elbow. Gently pull back right arm. Repeat on left. Underside cuff stretch – place right hand behind your head and left hand on right elbow. Gently push arm toward your back. Repeat on left. Front cuff stretch – hold hands behind your back and slowly raise your arms. Stand tall—don’t lean forward. There are 3 common exercises performed for the rotator cuff. Two, which many people know about, are for internal and external rotators. The following is not as well known and can be done without any equipment. Rotator cuff exercise – warm up with 20 slow arm circles. In each hand, hold a small dumbbell or soup can. With thumb pointing down, raise arms out to the side and slightly forward, like pouring water out of a can. Don’t raise hand past shoulder level. Repeat 10 times if no discomfort (if you experience discomfort, perform with the thumb up. )  check with your doctor before doing this exercise if you already have shoulder problems or have another medical condition. Sports fitkit for golf - a simple, effective and time-efficient way to increase performance and reduce injuries. Includes exercises for all 4 rotator cuff muscles. Rated 4 ½ stars out of 5 by golf magazi.
Criadores de Labrador Retriever y criadores de Golden Retriever en Cantabria.
Cachorros de Labrador Retriever y cachorros de Golden Retriever en Cantabria.
Seleccionamos:Salud: Nuestros reproductores tienen certificados oficiales de Cadera, Codos y Ojos.
                Caracter: Selecionamos mucho el caracter, como perro de compañía y perro de terapia
                             Belleza: Nuestros perros son valorados en exposiciones de belleza, siempre por jueces expecialistas.

  "Retrievers del Valle de Piélagos" 

¨Piélagos¨ -Cantabria-

En esta web encontrareis información sobre estas maravillosas razas, noticias, fotos y pedigrees de nuestros perros, camadas disponibles, camadas previstas, resultados en exposiciones y enlaces hacia páginas de criadores. Ocasionalmente disponemos de cachorros de Labrador Retriever y cachorros de Golden Retriever.Llame a nuestros teléfonos ó bien por e-mail y le informarémos de nuestras camadas. Todos nuestros perros están controlados  de caderas, codos y ojos, todos con certificados oficiales.

Nuestros Teléfonos:

Lorena Bárcena 646604819

Fidel Ibáñez 630652161

Ultima actualización:14-09-2017 Noticias.

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